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With over 6 years experience in the ESL industry, Liangban ESL Recruitment Agency has close ties with large numbers of language schools and public schools across China. We understand fully what teachers value when looking to teach English in China and the importance of securing an ESL teaching job with a professional and trustworthy company. We have a professional recruitment team available to help our candidates successfully transition into their new lives in China.

What kind of qualifications or experience do I need

What is the visa process?

Should I bring anything with me?
  The regulations are now tightening in China, and for many positions teachers need a university degree, a teaching certificate (CELTA, TESOL, TEFL, etc) and some relevant teaching experience. However, there are some positions which will accept new teachers and some don’t even require a degree. The best thing to do is to get in touch and we can explain what is available to you.  
Your school will organize all the necessary papers needed to obtain a legal 1 year work (Z) visa for you. This process can take up to 5 weeks. The papers will then be sent to you. You have to take these papers, along with your passport, application form and any other documents needed (varies from country to country, please check with your nearest Chinese embassy) to the Chinese embassy, where they will issue you with the visa within 1 week. Once it is stamped in to your passport you can enter China.
  You could buy most things here in China but you may want to bring with you something which reminds you of home or things difficult to find here. i.e large sized shoes and clothing.  

 The school environment

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